Poetic Nature / SS24

“Poetic Nature” is the first spring-summer drop that brings us to warmer days. This is the moment of the year that opens summer memories and gives you a chance to look at the poetic nature of… the world. We manifested the intricacy of “flora and fauna” in the construction of our clothes (ruffles, pinches, puffy sleeves). And the beauty – but also complexity of relationships in the pattern of “poetic horses”. We invite you to a world where truth and fiction, past and present permeate our clothes.

Our story

Written by:
Marianna Mokoszyło

Tomasz Chwałek


“Once upon a time, or maybe not so long ago, beyond the mountains and forests, there lived two twin sisters. The girls had a hardworking, joyful grandmother who knew how to make something out of nothing. In those times, the sun lazily cast beams of light, and one could play with blades of grass all day long, eat pastel-coloured pudding, and draw appetizing clouds with wax crayons…”

Targi Rzeczy Ładnych
2-3 December, Warsaw

Meanwhile, we are rushing to the 10th anniversary of the BEST fair, @targirzeczyladnych. This wonderful event attracts crowds every time! 🙆‍♂️

This time it will be both beautiful and solemn. 50 TRŁ ICONS Selected!! 👈from a huge number of brands that have appeared at the fair over the last 10 years.

AND HERE! , great emotion – because we found ourselves in this special group. THANK YOU😍 !!

We can’t wait for next weekend!!!
Warsaw, see you at TRŁ!
👉02-03 DECEMBER 11:00-19:00

Pop Up in Antwerp

Aurelia & Zwei Frauen went to Antwerp,
where they opened their first boutique.

Welcome to Wolstraat 24 in Antwerp,
from Tuesday to Sunday between 11:00–18:00.




Here we would like to tell you our story. How it all started, what we’ve been through, where we’ve come to… and where we’re going. We are working diligently to complete this diary with all the collections we have designed and the creative adventures we have encountered. We encourage you to take a look at future entries, perhaps you will find among them a pearl worth fishing out of the depths of history.

New Summer Collection! 🍓 SS23

Welcome Summer!

🌞 🍓 🌸


The Ballad of Hens

The long-awaited return of kimono “The Ballad of Hens” tomorrow 😍!

home & outdoor


On Saturday, April 22,

the first edition of

a new line



Winter Collection / AW22

▪️Modelki: @revs_models @_wwalczak_@wiqwalczak
▪️MakeUp: @izabelajurczakmakeup
▪️Stylizacja: Aurelia @aurelia_____shop
▪️Produkcja: @zwei_frauen
▪️Video: @dawidchrachol
▪️Studio: @septembe9studio


▪️Collages: @przędzajędza