Shop smarter and cheaper with our PRE-ORDER system



🏅We are introducing our spring-summer collection to the store, and you can purchase individual models through our “PRE-ORDER” system with a 15% discount. You have one week to place your pre-order. Afterward, we calculate exactly how many pieces of each new model need to be produced and commence production. Discounts for early reservation do not apply at this stage. If you love our clothes but have a limited budget, this is the perfect solution for you!


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No overproduction thanks to pre-orders

92 million garments annually end up in landfills
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Thoughtfully planned responsible purchases

Impulsive, thoughtless purchases



🏅Overproduction in fashion is one of the biggest environmental threats in the world. We do not want to exacerbate this problem. Our pre-order system allows us to accurately predict demand levels before starting production, so we only produce the quantity of clothing that we truly intend to sell.
For you, this means the opportunity to order our clothes at a discount while also participating in the movement towards more sustainable fashion. From a pricing perspective, PRE-ORDER reverses the sales cycle and bids farewell to the traditional fashion calendar.